Types of Steel Structures

Many modern steel construction projects underway with the help of mild strong steel. It has the ability to give great power to the building and its flexible nature means it can bend without causing damage or cracks. Here are some of the materials used in order to build the building:

Bolted steel

The bolted steel construction process is designed to be straightforward and as time-efficient as possible. The steel is produced in the workshop at the right length and painted to create the ready to use components. Bolted steel is the favoured steel construction method. But, the lengths of steel are limited to the size of the trailer or truck that is delivering the material. You can find more on steel frame supported structure via https://quickframes.com/.


The actual process of erecting the steel frame relies on a crane lifting the pieces into position and then bolted in place. This makes the work on-site extremely fast. One of the major projects for using bolted steel is in the process of creating the pre-engineered buildings. This type of structure is fully serviced by a single company who can take full responsibility for designing, fabricating, shipping and erecting the building.

Light gauge

The process of using light gauge steel in construction projects is practical for residential and small buildings.This common build method is quite similar in principle to using wooden two-by-fours for the frame, but the light gauge steel is simply a direct replacement. This type of steel has a thickness in the region of 1 to 3 mm and has been pre-bent into shape to match the needs of the project.

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