Unleash The Horses With A BMW Performance Exhaust System Upgrade

Standard exhaust systems are simply designed to provide a channel to direct exhaust gases from your engine to the exhaust – nothing more, nothing less. On the other hand, a productive BMW exhaust system is designed to maximize your engine's exhaust flow, giving you:

– Serious horsepower gain and torque

– Distinctive silencer and growl

– Improved fuel economy

Power and Torque

If you missed the Auto Shop in high school, I'm here to give you a quick lesson on the mysterious workings of your engine cylinders. Without cylinders, your vehicle won't be able to move unless you can convince your friends to turn their back on you and push you around town. This is because most of your power is generated directly in your cylinders through a fairly simple process called combustion.

First, the cylinder draws a mixture of oxygen and fuel into its chamber, where it is then ignited by a spark plug or heating rod. These three materials create a controlled explosion, or combustion, which produces energy and exhaust gases. That energy is converted into torque as the wheels spin to get you on the road, but the exhaust is a collection of useless particles that will clog your engine if left in the piston chambers.

This is where the exhaust system comes into play. Exhaust gases exhale, exit the engine through your exhaust manifold, and finally out the back of your car. The faster the exhaust is released, the easier it is for your engine to breathe, which means more horsepower, torque and fun at the wheel.

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