Ventilation System And Its Types

The most common concept for the quality of indoor air is used is equivalent to the cleanliness of the air in the room. There are a variety of different air pollutants with different potential effects on comfort and health should be considered when designing building systems services.

There are many ventilation equipment (it is also known as อุปกรณ์ระบายอากาศ in the Thai language) used for different requirements.  There are three methods that can be used to ventilate the building: Natural, mechanical ventilation and Hybrid.

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Natural Ventilation: Natural or traditional ventilation system is the use of wind and temperature differences to create a flow of air in and through the building. Two factors depend on natural ventilation work effectively – building design and the climate.

The building design is concerned, you have to be built like opening doors, windows, ventilators balcony droplets, and the solar chimney. It works efficiently and ventilation systems can increase cooling and save energy.

Mechanical Ventilation: Fans drive mechanical ventilation techniques. Fans can either be mounted directly on a window or a wall, or mounted in the air duct for supplying air into or exhausting air, a room. 

If you want to install a mechanical ventilation system in a building located in an area that has a hot and humid climate, it should be able to minimize or prevent infiltration.

Hybrid: A hybrid ventilation system is a combination of both natural and mechanical ventilation. When natural ventilation alone is not suitable, the fan can be installed to increase the level of ventilation in the room.

The ventilation system can be equally effective both for moisture or infection control.  If you want to install the ventilation system before you have to consider the climate and ventilation rate of the building or home.

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