What are the most common problems that go wrong with the toenails?

There's so much which might go awry with the nails on the feet. The toe nails are afflicted by a great deal of injury with objects falling on them and also kicking things. The toe nails furthermore get placed into the inhospitable atmosphere of the shoe where they get afflicted by force from the footwear and also the darker humid environment that bugs thrive in. Due to these reasons there's so many diverse conditions that can go wrong with the toenails, some of which will need the skilled care with a foot doctor.

Probably the most common ailment that has an effect on the feet along with the most well-known can be an ingrown toe nail that is technically termed onychocryptosis. This is when a corner of the toe nail grows in to the skin and sets up an infection. Frequently the underlying problem is a very curved toenail plate with the edges deep in the toenail sulcus in addition to a bad nail cutting method which leaves a pointy corner or splinter of nail. Since the toenail pushes forward, then that sharp edge simply pushes right into the nail sulcus. This will become rather uncomfortable. The best approach to cope with this is often to consult a foot doctor. With good skills they are able to do away with that sharp edge which is growing in and give nearly immediate pain relief. They could provide useful information on how to prevent this from getting to be a regular issue and carry out some minor surgery on it when it can turn out to be an ongoing problem. An associated problem to an in-grown toe nail will be the growth of a callus or corn on the side of the nail groove which gets referred to as onychophosis. This is extremely commonly wrongly identified as an ingrown nail as the callus becomes thicker it causes a very much the same pain to the ingrown nail. This kind of condition really does need a skillful foot doctor who can remove the callus or corn off using their expert techniques. Onychophosis does tend to become a bit of an continuing problem in the event help and advice is not really adhered to. It is essential that the footwear does not put any pressure around the side of the toe to help result in this problem.

Yet another prevalent problem with the toe nails is that the nails turn out to be thicker, which is known as onychauxis when the toenail is only thicker or onychogryphosis when it is also misshaped as well as being thicker. The main problem here is that it really is hard to cut the nail. The most common cause of these thicker nails are trauma, for example dropping something like a stone on the foot which causes damage to the growing area of the toe nail. Toenails do also usually tend to get thicker once we grow older. If someone has this onychauxis and can not trim their toenails, they'll likely are going to need to visit a podiatrist to get the thickness decreased. Since this problem is due to injury to the toe nail growing region, then this is going to grow thicker all over again. A whole variety of systemic health conditions can impact the way the toe nails grow. One of those is onychorrhexis which is a longitudinal ridges with superficial grooves in the toenail plate and is the result of a a few different medical problems.


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