What You Should Know About Your Basement Waterproofing Company

You may not realize it, but one of the best ways to get rid of major sewer plugs is to contact your local underground waterproofing company. While many homeowners think that waterproofing companies only specialize in making exterior foundation walls that are resistant to water damage, they are also adept at repairing waterways that are blocked by tree roots.

The reason is simple: basement waterproofing regularly has to deal with clogged drain foot tiles, which are the main mechanism for maintaining basement wall hydrostatic pressure. When these PVC pipes with holes are full of roots, they cannot perform their main functions, and it becomes necessary to clean them or, in extreme cases, dig and replace them completely.

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Therefore, your average waterproof device is also usually a high-class water purifier contractor. They will almost certainly have all of the equipment on hand that is needed to remove major sewer plugs: sewer snake augers, high-pressure water drainage systems, and other high-tech equipment such as sewer cameras and tracking devices location.

Especially in the off-season, when there is not much rain and ground floor flooding, waterproofing contractors will often offer you very reasonable prices to clean the roots of your main drain. Plus, if you have drainage issues that go beyond simple cleaning, these companies are also ready to dig up old routes for repair or replacement.

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