Why Hotel Interior Design Matters?

Hotel interior design is essential in creating a positive experience for your guests, planners and visitors, your employees, and anyone who enters your property. The hotel design represents the audience you want to attract, communicates your brand promise, emphasizes all the amenities you want to offer, and much more.

Competition in the hospitality industry is fierce, and bland hotels struggle to connect with audiences that are looking for more targeted options. Guests choose properties that match their aesthetics, ambitions, and ideas about a hotel. If you wish to consult a hospitality interior designer in Sydney, then visit www.mccartneydesign.com.au/hospitality-design/.

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Your hotel has a lot to say with its interior design. A well-designed space can:

1) Indicate the type of guest you want to keep visiting;

2) Highlight the features and amenities of your hotel;

3) Help you stand out from the competition;

4) Inspire planners to book events at your property;

5) Get recognition from your local community;

6) Deliver promise for your brand.

You also want to balance form and function in all of your public spaces. This includes a few key points:

1) Ensure the seating area is comfortable and well lit, including overhead lamps and table lamps where appropriate.

2) Keep lobby areas open for foot traffic and accessible for guests. 

3) Choose heavy-duty flooring for high traffic areas.

4) Add appropriate signage for easy navigation.

5) Make the use of each space clear with your design choices.

6) Choose complementary colors for mixed-use areas to accommodate different layouts.

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