Common Mistakes That Cause Mindfulness Practices to Fail

There are many reasons why you may feel like your efforts to incorporate awareness into your life is not working for you.

a. I forgot. It is not unusual to forget to practice mindfulness as the busyness of life takes over. Review the benefits you expect from mindfulness practice and make a commitment to practicing. Find a way to remind yourself to be mindful. 

Common Mistakes That Cause Mindfulness Practices to Fail

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b. I do not have time. People are busy these days. And, at first, many people feel that consciousness is a waste of time and they have to take time to do things.

c. I cannot stay focused, so why bother? It is normal for the mind to wander.  It gets easier with practice but even practitioners' skilled consciousness still has to do this.

d. I do not know how to do it properly, so it will not help. Listen to several CDs of guided imagery or meditation classes to get a sense of how to practice.

There are so many different ways to practice the awareness that it is highly unlikely that there are not some who work for you. This technique is only the consciousness of many people who have heard about the formal sitting meditation.

They may have been trying to sit still for 20 minutes without thinking about anything and find it unbearable. It is okay. There are plenty of other options. Keep trying until you find a few that suit you. Start small and work up.

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