Couriers – Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Couriers need to be able to get your delivery from pickup to drop-off, no matter if that is over land or sea. To do this they make use of all available forms of transport.

Typically a domestic courier will use a form of land transport such as a pushbike, motorbike, van, or lorry. For further afield, International shipments they will use air or sea travel to get the consignment between two countries. You can also get the best domestic delivery service in Malta.

The type of transport used is also dependent on the item that you are shipping and the timescale demands placed by the customer.

In Malta, it is not uncommon for smaller items to be delivered by pushbike as it not only helps to beat the traffic but is also not affected by the congestion charge and saves on fuel meaning that these costs can be passed on to the customer.

For further afield deliveries vans, or depending on the size of the item, lorry's are used. In some cases, again depending on the time requirements of the delivery, trains may be used.

If you are using an international courier to get your delivery across the water then your courier will generally go by air, as it is much quicker.

This also enables couriers to send international consignments within strict time deadlines. For example, air delivery can get to Australia in 24 hours, whereas by sea it could take up to 6 weeks depending on weather conditions.

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