Decorative Concrete Cladding Is The Future Of Concrete

One day you notice some imperfections in the concrete of your alley and are wondering what to do now. In the past, the thought of moving and replacing concrete was almost the only thing on your mind. Now, people get concrete polymer bridge deck overlays to repair the imperfections. 

GOMACO, Manufacturer of Concrete Slipform Paving Equipment: GOMACO World

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Don't worry, there is a decorative concrete coating but what is a decorative concrete coating? Simply put, it is a cement-based product with a mixture of polymer resin with cement, sand and other additives. Acrylic can be used for this coating because it offers high adhesion strength and UV protection. 

This creates a unique system that achieves the same beauty goals. This coating can be applied in thicknesses from a few centimeters to a paper clip. This provides flexibility depending on where the product is used.

This type of concrete offers residential or commercial customers the option of giving old, worn concrete a "facelift" without the cost of all replacement work. There are many colors and designs. Believe it or not, this can be the biggest challenge for some people in this job. What's the point of using this property other than looking good? 

Decorative concrete coating offers the following advantages such as reduced cost, good staying power, low maintenance, UV protection, non-slip, protection from salt and other chemicals, protection from scratches and scars, protection against dangerous freezing and thawing.

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