Information Regarding Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits

Many women have filed lawsuits after the increased risk of ovarian cancer or mesothelioma after the revelation of talc particles in the baby powder manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.

In 2018, the jury awarded the ovarian cancer verdict of $ 4.69 million and mesothelioma verdict $ 117 million, and J & J and powder manufacturers agreed to pay $ 1.5 million to settle the talc powder ovarian cancer lawsuit.

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Powder lawsuits state that the companies knew their powder is contaminated with asbestos and can cause ovarian cancer, but they did not inform consumers about the risks of their products.

Instead, manufacturers have hidden from the public dangers. If you are suffering from ovarian cancer then you can also file a lawsuit against the talcum powder manufacturing company.

A shocking report by a news agency revealed that Johnson & Johnson Company knew for many years that its products contained asbestos. It is a mineral that causes cancer, but the company failed to openly disclose this information.

According to the story, J & J’s talc and raw powder was tested and the results were positive for the state of asbestos traces many times between 1971 and 2003.

Johnson & Johnson has strongly denied the allegations in a statement on its website and called the story an "irrational conspiracy theory.”

The company continues to state their baby powder as "safe and free of asbestos.” Johnson & Johnson powder is still selling today. Johnson & Johnson faces the largest number of cancer claims.

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