This is How you can Avoid Drain Clogs by Yourself

One of the most common problems considered in many homes is clogged draining. These problems should only be dealt with by a professional plumber due to their set of knowledge, skills, and experience. However, with the use of simple items found in our home, it is possible to solve some of the problems allowing us to save money, time, and headache. Therefore, if you are interested to get it done all by yourself, then you should use some of these items.

  1. Use Baking Soda – Baking soda is considered to be one of the common items we can find in our home. You should consider mixing one cup of baking soda with one cup of apple cider vinegar in order to be poured down the drain. One cup of salt is another great option to use if you cannot get your hands-on apple cider vinegar.
  2. Use Hot Water – You cannot call this an item however, we all know what hot water actually means, right? Hot water works wonders when it is used to get rid of the fats and oils present on pipes. However, it is absolutely important not to pour on things that are susceptible to the temperature which may be damaged. For instance; plastic fittings.
  3. Use Vacuum – Sometimes there are items that become extremely difficult to get rid of especially from the drain. Thankfully you can remove them by using a power-based vacuum.

These are some of the most common items bound to be found in the majority of homes globally. However, problems with the bathrooms in Coffs Harbour area are dealt with by professional plumbers.

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