Timber Cladding Wall Provides Internal Beauty And Sound Solutions In Newcastle

External timber cladding is the normal thought process but interiors can be the perfect placements for exterior siding. The timber wall cladding is a great way to create acoustical wall panels.

Whether you are building or remodeling a full-scale soundtrack environment or just want to improve the sound of your home theatre system, natural wood works great with sound waves. Using natural wood in the house is a great way to bring the feeling of nature into your home. The wood has warmness that is deficient in plaster, drywall, brick, or concrete. You can also get the best timber wall cladding in Newcastle.

With wood, there are so many options. You could just leave it raw cut although this does create the risk of splinters. You could take the raw wood and sand to smooth still leaving the natural look and because it is indoors, it will not rot unless it is exposed to water from another source.

A popular finishing method is to stain the wood. This allows for a variety of looks. You can have the wood grain of any type of tree with the color of any other type of tree. An example would be a white pine board with a dark walnut stain. These types of combinations are endless. By staining only, there is still a flat non-reflective surface.

If you are looking for shine, brightness, or sparkle then there are 3 choices, oil, varnish, or lacquer. With oil, you would leave the timber cladding wall unstained and rub in several coats of linseed oil or tung oil into the wood. Then when the wood started to dull you could repeat this process. With varnish or lacquer, you could use stain or not, then you would add the varnish in several coats drying in-between.

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