What Are the Most Important Categories of Carpet Cleaning Procedures?

The carpet cleaning methods can be classified into four broad categories, including home cleaning, dry cleaning, wet and steam cleaning. 

The carpets were parts of our lives for centuries. With passage of time, the importance of carpet cleaning has been completed and a number of methods have been developed to keep them in good shape. You can also hire professionals for your carpet cleaning from companies like https://www.foamfrenzy.com/ .

Home-Based Carpet Cleaning

Before the advent of industrial procedures and standards, carpets users have used various techniques at home to get rid of items that spoiled the quality and long life of these facilities:

  • Removal useful technical tasks have been popular among users carpet and most of them can still be applied to obtain useful results. For example, tea leaves, lemon, bread and water pipe clay are useful for removing various types of stains.
  • Regular procedures such as shaking and hanging are still used to allow the dust, soil and pollen to leave the mat.
  • Carpet rods, carpet beaters, brushes and brooms are still used for removing different types of dust particles from mats.
  • Finally, a number of vacuum cleaning machines are available that help perform regular household cleaning carpets.

Dry cleaning carpets

Dry carpet cleaning is based on techniques to low humidity and uses machines and specialty products:

  • The dry or powdered absorbent compounds are used in the dry cleaning process. The powder is spread on the carpet and it attracts the variety of dirt particles, which are then Vacuumed with special machines.
  • The packaging method is an improvement relative to a dry absorbent cleaning. In this process, the dirt particles are converted into dry residues that are immediately sucked, making carpets instantly ready for use.
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