Bolts And Accessories Explained

A bolt used in a variety of applications. It is a threaded fastener, which is either made of wood, metal, iron, steel or plastic. 

A bolt is a type of fastener that is designed to secure and attach objects to each other. Industries including agricultural, mining, construction, transport and many others are using different types of ‘bolts and nuts’ (Also known as ‘สลักเกลียวและถั่’ in the Thai language) as per the need of their application.

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Different kind of bolts are explained here: 


U-bolts get their name from the U-shape curved frame. They are generally used to attach the pipe to the wall, or to attach the belt to the other round surfaces.


L-bolts which are similar in style to the U-bolts, except for the fact that they have an open hole to form the L-shape on both. They are used for equipment in which the open eye bolt is required.

Ring Plate

A dishwasher is a thin disk that has a hole in the middle which makes it possible to screw onto the bolt or screw. They are usually made of hard steel types to make them strong and durable. 

Pile Cage Assembly

Some manufacturers bolt would also specialize in creating various cages with varying diameters, shapes and sizes. They will be able to make the enclosure strong and durable, built with a high degree of precision and quality. 

Bolts straight

Direct bolt is a common type of fastener that has a long frame with the bolt head. These screws are available in various thicknesses and lengths.


There are a large number of accessories available for use with bolts and washers. Popular types of washing machines including a complete washing machine, split lock, lock your teeth and sealing washer.

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