Why Choose French Balcony To Be Installed In Your Home?

Stainless steel and french balcony can typically include standoff clamps, base clamps or a channel system. The glass can be available in a variety of colors with the option of being frosted for an opaque finish and cut and shaped to almost any requirement.

Standoff clamps are most commonly paired with stainless steel posts for a stunning stainless steel and glass balcony. Of course, not all standoff clamps are brushed or polished stainless steel, they are also available in the materials and finishes like raw uncoated material, matt-chromium-plated and powder-coated material. 

Get more details about the Balcony double door (or also known as Balkong dobbeldr – Balkongbygg in the Norwegian Language) and make a wise decision.

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However stainless steel is one of the most durable options, however, it will require some maintenance, the frequency will depend on the location and application of the balcony, balcony near swimming pools or the sea may require more frequent maintenance/cleaning than balcony not in these vicinities. A good chemical cleaner will remove any contamination which may affect the durability of the balcony.

The standoff clamp is available in a variety of finishes with satin, brushed and mirror polishing being the most popular choices.

Glass clamps typically can have two backs, a flat or a radius back. It is important that the standoff clamps are unobstructed and do not pose any health and safety risks.

When purchasing standoff clamps, it is important that you know the glass thickness and purchases the appropriate standoff clamps with the correct size, otherwise, the glass will be insecure and could potentially fall and injure passers-by.

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