Professional Liability Insurance – The Basics

Small business insurance is very important. Unfortunately, most small business owners ignore the importance of professional liability insurance coverage. Let's consider a few important insurance terms that are important for these businesses to understand:


If you are in business, you must know a lot about the risks. Perhaps this is the biggest reason many small business professionals completely avoid professional liability insurance(e&o). As an entrepreneur, you are familiar with the risks and you may have a higher tolerance for it than the average businessman. However, there is no reason to avoid the right business insurance.

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The most important thing in your small business is an asset that you use to generate income and profits. Vehicles, equipment, property, etc. – these are all examples of assets that produce income. If you have all or some of these things in your business, these will be the first target of anyone that puts a claim against you for negligence or any of the other issues that arise.

You really have two very simple choices for the future of your business: 1) put your assets at risk by not getting the proper coverage, or 2) wait for fate to decide the future outcome of your business. While you may have a higher tolerance for risk, you can take the appropriate steps to prevent the most common risks associated with your business.

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